Anastasiadis wants Greece to improve

The Greece football federation has appointed Angelos Anastasiadis as the new manager of their national team in replacement of Michael Skibbe. Angelo Anastasiadis said that this is a great moment for him and that he has been waiting for this all his life.

He said that he wants to help the team as much as he can and that he wants to make Greece a competitive team again on the world stage. He said that the team has been quite average in recent years and that there is a lot of work to do if you want to perform in big tournaments.

Angelos Anastasiadis said that he will be seeking the assistance of the Greek football federation as he wants them to help develop football at the grassroots level. He said that if there are no good players in the junior team it is normal that the senior team will struggle to win games. He believes that there needs to be a competitive side at all the age group and that it is important that the Greek football federation work on that.

Angelos Anastasiadis said that Greece finishes second in their World Cup qualifiers group last time and that this shows that there is some potential in the team. He said that it is his duty to help the team progress and make sure that they build on what has been achieved by the previous manager.

Angelos Anastasiadis said that there are some good young Greek players that are playing abroad at the moment and that he will try to integrate them into the side as soon as possible. He believes that a national team can only progress if the players spend time together and this is what he will be looking to do with the Greek national team.

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