Greek Administration slammed by FIFA

There have been some serious accusations imposed on the Greek soccer administrators by the committee which was entrusted by FIFA with the job of looking into the irregularities in the Hellenic Federation.

Because of the fact that the Hellenic Federation was not being run properly and was violating many guidelines of FIFA, a committee was formed a few months back to launch a thorough investigation and take whatever steps needed to sort the Federation. And some of the things that the committee has revealed are shocking to say the least and are shameful for the game altogether.

According to the recent statement that FIFA has published on behalf of its investigating committee, it’s been found that the bosses of Greek Football had been using technological devices. Whilst some of the tech advancements were good – including linking up and selling tikets online at places like this website – they were also using tech to keep tabs on not only the public, but, the private lives of each and every employee of theirs which included the national Footballers like Vasilis Torosidis as well.

They had put various mechanisms in place to make sure that the activity of the Footballers as well as the support staff of the national team get recorded in the hidden camera and their mobile phones get tapped as well so that the Federation always has the idea of what they are doing, whom they are meeting and whom they are calling and these things had been happening for a long time.

Calling it an utter disgrace, the committee has appealed to all the individuals who are involved in any capacity to the Hellenic Federation to not try and hide anything and come forward to help the committee unearth more related truth and expose those who have been the mastermind behind such immoral practices.

There hasn’t been any statement published in return by the Hellenic Federation so far on the issue.

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