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It wasn’t a long time ago that Claudio Ranieri was selected as the new coach of the Greek national football team. When the 2014 World Cup reached its end, the contract of Fernando Santos with Greece expired and it wasn’t extended, Santos later decided to coach Portugal.

When the contract of Fernando Santos expired with Greece, a vacant spot was opened up in the national team of Greece and Claudio Ranieri accepted the managerial role but things have been tough for the Italian manager as he has not picked up a victory in the 2016 Euro’s qualifying campaign of Greece.

Romany and Northern Ireland are the opponents that Greece faced in October and September with both of those squads claiming victories over the side of Claudio Ranieri.

Greece also locked horns with Finland and managed to rescue 1 point as the match finished in a 1-1 draw.

Out of the 3 qualifying matches of the 2016 Euro’s which has been played at this point; Greece has secured 1 point of the possible 9. It’s not been a great start for Claudio Ranieri but despite his slow start in charge of Greece, the Italian coach stated that being put under pressure is normal in his job but he still loves what he does and in football anything can happen.

I am used to being under pressure. My job is hard but I love this job.”

“I am not surprised they are top because I know football very well and football is changing. All teams can win. Look at Spain, they lost to Slovakia, look at Germany, they lost to Poland, look at Russia, a draw with Moldova. This is and football is fantastic. The best team does not win every time. In other sports maybe, in football, no.”Ranieri told reporters.

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